My Bichon Frise's Paw Fur Is Turning Brown Why Is That?

I have a 2 year old male bichon frise, he used to be as white as snow with no tear stains either! When he turned 2 years old the fur in between his "toes" started to turn brown. He's still as cute as a button don't get me wrong just curious anyone out there know why this happens?
Thanks for all your answers definitely will take him to the vet icon smile My bichon frise's paw fur is turning brown why is that?




  • Coley

    Hes licking in between his toes & the bacteria from the mouth causes the fur to change colors. Not a big deal they all do it to varying degrees. Keep his feet trimmed, esp between the toes. Don't shave between his toes or that will agrevate him causing more licking
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  • I Love My Pets

    Allergies and irratation. Something with the food, or he is getting a yeast infection between the toes. Maybe the brand of shampoo. Have you changed recently? Also from licking excessively due to itchy allergies or something is bugging him down there. Call for a vet check up.. he may be developing allergies to something around the house.
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  • ? Bindi §

    This happens when a dog licks its feet, the licking can cause a white colored dogs fur to become discolored.

    So you need to find the reason why she's licking. Have your vet make sure she doesn't have an infection between her toes such as yeast or staph.

    If that's not the problem start looking at allergies. Dogs with allergies often chew their feet. Make sure you are feeding a good quality food, many dogs are allergic to ingredients found in poor quality foods. Go here to check out the quality of foods. The more stars the better. If you switch foods remember its going to take 6-8 weeks on the new food to see if its working or not.

    Some dogs are also allergic to things in their environment. Grasses, pollen, cleaners, the carpet. You can have allergy testing done to help you determine what she's allergic to. Once you know that try to eliminate or minimize her exposure to the offenders.

    Once you find the root cause of the foot licking and take steps to stop that your dogs feet will start returning to a normal color.
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  • Support eugenics

    SALIVA…excess protein being excreted.
    EXACTLY the same cause as tear staining.
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  • animalsrme

    Saliva Stains from licking his feet. He may have an allergy to something in his environment or to his food. I would recommend that you discuss this with your vet.
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  • kalikrates a verdade faz doer

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  • sharon

    My dog is 9 months old and has one redish paw, is this normal?

  • zena

    My mother inlaw has a 3yr old bitch and she has a brown patch on her shoulder.
    Is this common, is it stress, why is this happening??