Bichon Frise Rescue/Adoption

If you are considering adopting a Bichon Frise rescue dog, there is some information that may help you decide if this is the right choice for you and your family. Although the term seems to indicate that the animal was saved from a dangerous situation, that is usually not the care. It is true that some of the Bichon Frise rescue dogs were in life-threatening situations, about to be destroyed at a pound, or living in inhumane conditions at a pull mill. But most have simply been given up by their owners for a myriad of reasons.

Some of the Bichon Frise rescue dogs may be purebred, perhaps even with pedigree papers. Most are predominately Bichon Frise, but some are mixed breeds. Most of the Bichon Frise rescue dogs are adults, so if you are looking for a puppy, your chance are less than favorable. The dogs will have been spayed and or neutered. Depending on their condition when rescued, the Bichon’s coat may need to be shaved off. Think of it as starting over; leaving their old life behind to begin a new one with you.

What To Expect

Some of the Bichon Frise rescue dogs may have behavioral problems because of conditions they were forced to live in before coming to the adoption center. They may require a lot of patience and love from you in the beginning. These issue can be undone, but it will take time. There are also a lot of Bichon Frise rescues that have either never been house trained, or may backslide due to stress they suffered under. Be prepared to have to retrain your pet in some potty training basics. Even a well adjusted Bichon Frise requires a great deal of human contact and socialization; a rescue Bichon Frise may need a little more than usual.

If after careful consideration you decide that you can deal with the possible constraint on your time, patience, and finances in caring for a Bichon Frise rescue dog, you can contact a regional rescue representative for more details on how to begin. You will need to submit an application and answer a few relevant questions. They want to be sure that you are adopting for the right reasons, have the time and ability to care for the dog, and also the finances.

An in-person interview may also be required, as well as a donation to help defray some of the costs incurred by the rescue organization. If they find you to be a good candidate for adopting a Bichon Frise rescue, they will then try to match you with a dog. Be patient as they may ot have a good match available immediately. In fact, a few months may go by; but hang in there and you will be rewarded with a grateful and loving companion.

Read up on adoption centers before beginning the application procedure; and find out the top ten Bichon Frise rescue mistakes made during the rescue process.

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